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DREAM VISIONS .:. New Moon in Pisces⁣⁣


Welcome to the sweet, soft and miraculous New Moon in Pisces.⁣⁣


The final New Moon of this Astrological year.  ⁣⁣


The 12 months that held so much.  From loss, to grief, to transformation.  Uncertainty to new courage.  Confusion to clarity.⁣⁣


No matter what, we all went through a lot in these past 12 months.⁣⁣


We gained wisdom & recognized new aspects of ourselves.⁣⁣


We learned a lot about what actually matters.⁣⁣


Now we are granted this beautiful portal into quantum manifestation.⁣⁣


Now we get to Create from this new space of wisdom, understanding, compassion.⁣⁣


Step off the hamster wheel.⁣⁣


Press pause on survival mode.⁣⁣


Tap into your Heart Space and ask your inner knowing.⁣⁣


What is it you truly long for?  What are your true Soul desires?⁣⁣


This New Moon is not about the How.⁣⁣


It’s about tapping into the EMOTION of your desires, and feeling them now.⁣⁣


It’s about recognizing that your Desires chose you for a reason, that magic is real, and no it is NOT too late.⁣⁣


💖 What have you learned about yourself this past 12 months?⁣⁣


💖 What have you learned about desire?⁣⁣


💖 And what are you calling in at this beautiful New Moon?⁣⁣


Share below, my loves!⁣⁣




Use water to bless your space. Find a container and place 1 tsp of salt in ½ cup of water and stir it as you set your intentions for this new moon, really focus on what you want to call in. Play healing frequencies or singing bowls to charge the water further. Once the water has been blessed and holds your intentions, sprinkle it around your home, blessing your space and filling it with your visions and intentions. Herbs to work with: Blue Lotus, Damiana, Cannabis


Take time to deeply nourish your soul and connect with your guides. Remember your WHY on this new moon. Create a mood board to make these visions feel real. Cut out images and quotes that align with your deepest WHY and make a collage in your notebook or on a piece of cardboard to be hung on the wall. Revisit these visions daily until the full moon, feeling into the sensations in the body as you see your dream up the best case scenarios. Herbs to work with: Valerian, Fennel, Willow 


This moon is all about your legacy and the message you leave behind. How will people remember you? What qualities do you want to be known for? Make a list of 10 people you look up to, and then below their names, jot down 2-3 things that you admire about them. How can you begin to cultivate these similar attributes? Make an action plan now! This is the moon to manifest your dream career/vocation. If you’ve been wondering what your purpose is you may very well gain clarity. Herbs to work with: Arnica, Basil, Eucalyptus


Let your mind travel to beautiful places during your moon rituals- literally. Where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? What is something you’ve always wanted to see? If you could hop on a plane tomorrow, where would you be going? Manifestation work around travel will be healing for you during this moon. Can you create a sense of adventure at home? Create a dish from a culture you have never tried cooking, play a new genre of music, get out of your comfort zone and feel into how infinitely beautiful life is!  Herbs to work with: Blue Lotus, Black Cohosh, Cacao


If you’re a business owner, creative, or healer (or want to be!)  get specific with manifestation DETAILS! Who are your clients? What are you earning? How are you transforming the world? What needs to be transformed for your vision to actualize? Visualize, visualize visualize! Water rituals are potent at this time. Pour a cup of water and hold the rim with your hands, creating an echo chamber- speak out loud a prayer for the future you into the water. Once the water is coded with your prayer, drink it! Herbs to work with: Pu’erh, Hibiscus, Yarrow


Nothing beautiful gets done alone. Time to call in your dream collaborators. What kind of partners do you need for your dream to flourish? Make a list of their qualities and visualize yourself working beside them- how have they helped you grow? If you have a long term partner this is also a great moon to do rituals together, calling in your dream futures and setting goals for your relationship. How do you want to build a more beautiful and full life together? Herbs to work with: Cacao, Lotus, Rose


Call in the healthiest you. A great moon to go to the farmers market, find new recipes, or meal prep healthy food for the week. Set new benchmarks for your vitality and work on manifesting the most radiant you. Think of 3 small habits you’d like to implement (ie. waking up earlier, drinking more water, and yoga for 30 mins a day). Once you have your 3, write a journal entry as though you are already your future self… “today I woke up and after 30 minutes of yoga at 6:30 am, I walked the dog and went to a meeting…”


Art mode! Make stuff, with no expectations. Create a piece of art that feels aligned with your manifestation desires for this new moon. It can be a flower bouquet, a piece of clothing, a pie- whatever it is- make it symbolic and focus on making it feel authentic and beautiful. This piece of art will serve as an omen, and a piece of something tangible that signifies your commitment to the path of expansion and liberation. Shine your light and let your freak flag fly free. Herbs to work with: Hawthorn, Cayenne, Cinnamon


This is a great moon to connect with your roots and ancestors. Ask them how you can be of service to your lineage and help make earth the best place it can be. Ask for guidance. You may receive answers that are visual, audible, or more sensed. Try to do automatic writing to help the channeling process. Take notes and make a commitment to honour your ancestors and their path. Self massage rituals are beautiful for this new moon, especially around the womb and breast areas.  Herbs to work with: Dandelion, Vitex, Mugwort


You have your goals, and then you have your MESSAGE. What does your essence convey? Write out every word that comes to mind when you think about your purpose, and then distill it down to your “message statement”- example- I can accomplish anything at any age… Or I empower women to take bold action in business, etc. What is the message behind your work? Repeat your distillation outloud 10 times, feeling it resonate more deeply with every declaration. Herbs to work with: Kava Kava, Anise, Mugwort


You DESERVE abundance. Call the money in! Do a money manifestation ritual- you can use a simple bowl and charge items with intention- think coins, notes, fruit, herbs- anything that you feel vibrates on the frequency of abundance- use your intention to charge these items and place them in the bowl-  then burn a candle in the centre of your dish, blessing your money ritual with fire to symbolize quick receiving and bold action. Leave your bowl in the open until the full moon. Herbs to work with: Clove, Rosemary, Cacao


Perfect new moon to get really personal and clear on how you want to feel. Sit in meditation with yourself and ask your soul “what is it you desire to experience”. Let yourself flow with whatever comes to mind, imagining the best possible outcomes. Call in the desired emotions through your breath, breathe them into the whole body. How will it feel to be you in 6 months? You might find blocks around confidence and self love are suddenly lifted with this new moon. Herbs to work with: Reishi, Calendula, Damiana

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