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Welcome to FLEURS, your trusted destination for high-quality mushroom-infused products. At FLEURS, we pride ourselves on delivering premium, handcrafted blends that cater to the growing demand for unique and wellness-focused experiences. Dive into a world of flavor, relaxation, and well-being as you explore our range of offerings.


Revitalize your body with our detoxifying herbal blend crafted for those who have been over-indulging or seek a natural remedy for digestive and skin issues. Perfect for the hardworking souls who play just as hard or those in urban jungles combating daily pollution. Our thoughtfully curated ingredients including milk thistle, burdock root, dandelion root, and more, offer a rejuvenating experience for your liver and overall well-being. Embrace the purity of nature with each sip.

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Elevate your mental clarity and vitality with our invigorating yerba maté tea blend. Crafted to keep you focused, enhance memory, and combat brain fog, this blend features a harmonious mix of spearmint, lemongrass, ginkgo biloba, gotu kola, and more. Experience a sustained energy boost without the crash, thanks to the inclusion of yerba mate and other revitalizing ingredients. Let the power of natural ingredients for a sharper mind and a more energized you.

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Experience a cosmic delight with our premium cacao bars, where indulgence meets brain-boosting benefits. Infused with Lion’s Mane and a macro dose of Goldyn Mushroom*, these bars offer more than just a rich, velvety cacao experience. Immerse yourself in the enchanting fusion of flavors and the magic of heightened clarity, creativity, and focus. Hand-blended with love and organic ingredients including cacao, cacao butter, orange oil, and vanilla, each bite is a journey into indulgence and cognitive enhancement.

Why Choose FLEURS?

Expert Craftsmanship

Our products are handmade and crafted with expertise and passion. Our team of experienced artisans takes pride in creating blends that not only taste exceptional but also deliver the therapeutic benefits of mushrooms in a delightful form. Experience the artistry of FLEURS with every sip and bite.

Quality Assurance

At FLEURS, quality is our top priority. We source our mushrooms from trusted suppliers in Canada, ensuring that each product meets our stringent standards for purity and potency. With FLEURS, you can trust that you are receiving the finest mushroom-infused products available.

Commitment to Wellness

FLEURS is dedicated to promoting wellness through natural and holistic means. We believe in the power of mushrooms to enhance both physical and mental well-being. Our products are designed to provide a gentle and enjoyable way to incorporate these natural wonders into your daily routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is microdosing?
Microdosing is the practice of consuming very small, sub-perceptual doses of a substance, such as psychedelics, to experience subtle benefits without the full psychedelic effects. It is considered a “micro” amount, hence the name
Do you have any strong products?
Yes, our macro-dose chocolates contain 2g of chocolate per bar, therefore you can chose your dosage based on how much you take- higher dosing is only reccomended for experienced users.
What are the benefits of microdosing tea and chocolate?
Advocates suggest that microdosing can enhance mood, creativity, focus, and energy levels, while reducing anxiety and depression.
Is microdosing legal?
The legality of microdosing depends on the jurisdiction and the substance being used. Canada has decriminalized mushroom usage, however the legality of selling mushrooms is still grey
How do I know the product is safe?
It's important to purchase products from reputable sources that provide lab-tested, quality-controlled products. Look for transparent information about sourcing, manufacturing processes, and testing.
How often should I consume microdose tea and chocolate?
The frequency of microdosing can vary depending on individual preferences and goals. Some people microdose daily for a period of time, while others prefer a less frequent schedule, such as every few days. A popular method is 5 days on 5 days off to break tolerance.
Are there any risks associated with microdosing?
Please consult your health care practitioner before consuming in conjunction with other medications. It is not safe for children, pets, or breastfeeding/pregnant people.

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