Herbal Detox Tea for Liver + Digestion

how to work with herbs for detoxification and digestion

It’s been a busy holiday season! I don’t know about you, but once the new year rings in, I tend to want to get back on the health band wagon, eliminate the extra sugar and alcohol, while supporting digestion + liver detoxification!

Plus, it’s a gentle approach, steering away from extreme measures, allowing your body to naturally detoxify and restore its balance. A post-holiday herbal cleanse offers a pathway to reinvigorate yourself, inside and out.

Cleansing the liver and supporting the channels of elimination are an amazing way to set yourself up for more health and vitality into the new year. Plus, using herbal teas is a gentle approach, steering away from extreme measures and allowing the body to naturally detoxify and restore balance. 

The liver is SO vital. It eliminates toxins and waste products from your body.  After a liver cleanse you can expect:

+ Have better sleep patterns & more energy.

+ Elevated your mood. 

+ Notice clearer/Brighter Skin. 

+ Experience sluggishness + fatigue day to day.

+ Have an easier time digesting food/less bloat.

We created a free CLEANSE E-BOOK if you’re looking to do a whole liver detox, this is a great place to start! Or if you’re looking for a less intensive way to give your liver some love, check out our CLEAN tea blend, with liver lovin’ herbs like Milk Thistle + Dandelion Root.

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