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to enhance immunity, learn to adapt, and gain wisdom from source

This may sound very esoteric, if you are not familiar with communing with plant allies. I’ll try to make it simple and digestible, because at the core, this concept is truly simple!

Think of it like this:

  • nature, herbs, trees- the entire plant kingdom grows in nature with perfection. These plants are able to alchemize the elements to grow their own antibodies, to protect themselves from outside harm, and remain alive. Many of these plants have been around since before dated records, these plants are STRONG and INTELLIGENT. The plants have no room for human error, they simply do what they have to do to survive and do their job on earth with no ego or interruption from programming or mindset. 
  • because plants have been forced to adapt over time, they have developed so many protective and regenerative compounds that keep them strong and healthy. Humans can benefit from consuming plants for this reason- when you consume the plant, you consume it’s innate intelligence and potent chemical properties.
  • On an vibrational level, plants all carry unique energetics. It may sound crazy to the average person, but you can truly gain wisdom from plants, you just have to know how to listen, as they communicate in ways that are non verbal. If you sit in meditation with an herbal tea, or cannabis, or any other plant medicine- you will receive messages, insights, and emotional responses, the plants become the catalyst- you just have to silence your thinking mind long enough to experience them and treat the plant with reverence.

You can start right away. Here are some steps to utilizing our teas or any other organic, properly grown herb or herbal tea you may have. 

Step 1: 
Choose your herbs according to desired effect. If you’re looking to curb anxiety, pick herbs that relax the nervous system, like our CHILL tea or our HEAL tea.. If you’re fighting fatigue or depression, pick herbs that help with those things. Most plants and herbs have more than 1 effect on your system. Our tea blends make this step really easy because their umbrella effect is listed on our website. I encourage you to do more research about the plants and herbs that you’re drawn to, and learn about their properties. Fungi are also extremely beneficial during this time. 

Step 2:
Meditate. Get your mind still, focus on your breathing and try to let your thoughts float by. When you get distracted, you can come back to your breathing, do not get caught up thinking about how you’re thinking. If you’re new to meditation, there are many guided meditations online, just hit up youtube. Meditating will help calm the nervous system and clear the energy body, so you can be more receptive to the plants. 

Step 3:
Once you’ve chosen your herb(s) and you’ve become clear minded, examine your herbs. Notice their colour, smell, texture, size, and anything else you can zoom your focus onto. You may want to put them into a dish to see them better and then use one hand to hold the herbs up to your heart, and your other hand to hover a few inches above the herbs.

Step 4:
Holding the herbs at your heart centre, bless them. Whisper a prayer and your intention for communicating with the plant spirit. 

Step 5: Steep your tea with mindfulness. Pay attention to the sounds, smells, and sights, as well as your own internal landscape and that of the environment. Try to become omnipresent as you brew your medicine. 

Step 6: Drink your tea slowly with presence. During this step you will receive messages, emotions, and intuitive ideas. Try not to engage too much, rather, keep coming back to the herbs and being present with the brew, how it tastes, feels, smells, and interacts with your body.

Step 7: After you’ve finished consuming your herbs (try steeping a few times!) you can journal any insights, symbols, messages, or ideas that came up during the meditation. 

If you do not experience anything profound, don’t give up. It takes time to become receptive and build a relationship with these plants. Doing this daily, over time, not only helps equip your body, it also lifts your spirit and connects you back to your innate intelligence and source energy.

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