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ICED TEA SEASON IS UPON US! Make a big batch of Fleurs CBD Iced Tea and keep it in the fridge for up to a week. Get creative and add your favourite fruits and herbs for added nutrients!  It’s the perfect way to incorporate plant medicine in to your everyday routine with minimal effort. It also makes a great beverage to bring to barbeques and gatherings, just double your recipe and chill it in a pitcher! 

Boil 1L of water and steep 4 bags of CLEAN for 10 minutes. Allow to cool + chill. Add in 1 handful of mint, 3 tbsp of raw honey, and garnish with cucumber slices. 

This iced tea concoction is the perfect morning time refresher. The yerba mate helps to wake you up, while other herbs like ginko biloba and gotu kola jump start your circulation, providing more alertness that lasts all day. Mix: 1L of water with 4 bags of WOKE, steeped and chilled with 1 large orange sliced and squeezed into the mix. It’s that simple! 


Skip the late night pop and ditch sugary drinks, this iced tea will calm your nerves, help you unwind, and even has a mild aphrodisiac effect. Mix: 1L of water with 4 bags of CHILL, steeped and chilled, mix in 1 tsp of honey, a handful of mint, and splash with soda water before serving. 

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