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Maybe you’re looking for acute treatment, or something that will work long term. Either way- a medicinal strength brew is an effective way to get the power of plants in your system- quickly, and with strength. Enjoying a delicious cup of FLEURS on the go is a great way to pack in plant power, but using this medicinal brewing method can help treat lingering symptoms and chronic issues. 

It’s simple. 

First take 3 FLEURS tea bags and rip them open, dumping the contents into a 1L canning jar. Then, pour boiling water over the herbs and allow them to steep for 20 minutes. It can be very meditative to watch the herbs open up and dance around in the water as they release their properties. It’s important to keep a lid on the jar so that volatile oils don’t escape with the steam. 

Once you’ve allowed steeping for 20 minutes, strain the tea into another jar, as you go through this process, think about your energy infusing the tea with your intention or desired outcome.

Now, sip a 1/2 cup of this brew, every 30 minutes, throughout the day. You can do this once and a while for an extra boost, or daily, if you’re treating chronic conditions. 

When you’re done, discard of the herbs, and thank them for their help with your health! 

The FLEURS girls have been doing this religiously with our PMS blend and have noticed tremendous differences in our moods as well as breast tenderness and headaches associated with PMS. It can be done with any of our blends- like our CHILL tea for on-going anxiety, or our CLEAN blend for liver detox/digestive health!

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